Hi, welcome

//Hi, welcome


Hi guys

So I finally got some time to start my blog for the retouching work. It’s been a busy period lately, so no complaints from me. 🙂

I recently upgraded my system to include a brand spanking new monitor. I am loving it!!! It’s only 22 inch, but more than enough for me to work on compared to the 17 inch laptop screen. I will probably be doing a write up shortly on it, giving my views, ups and downs about it, so stay posted for that in the next few days.

I am also shopping around for a new work station, so anyone out there with some good info, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I have looked at the new Dell Precision 4600m, which has some great specs, but I have been having my doubts whether or not to stay on a windows system, as all you hear in the graphic industry is…”move to Mac”. Well that is something I am now contemplating after spending so many years on my trusted (well leap frog over Vista) Windows system. I am ready to give Apple a go. I fell in love with my iPhone pretty much straight away, I’m expecting the same from a Mac book Pro. Thing is, Apple is due to release a new OS in July?? So will probably wait to see how that pans out, hopefully they upgrade the hardware also. Will have to wait and see, as they always pretty secretive about all their new releases, but me thinks they have something up their sleeve from news floating out and about online.

More to follow shortly.

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