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Composites start with masking out the elements needed from photographs or illustrations. I use Adobe photoshop for this, using various tools to professionally create the mask, allowing elements to be stacked together to create a photographic artwork.

Depending on the quality of the image taken in camera, or processed by RAW converter, the final quality of a composite can be mind blowing what is possible these days. Most high end advertising agencies use compositing on a regular basis to  create effects in their campaigns to entice their public to purchase their products. It is almost unspoken for these agencies to use a single image out of camera to use as is.

Below are some examples of the intricate level of detail that can be extracted from an image and dropping in another background.

Photo Composites

  • Compositing multiple images
  • Alter look and feel of images with different backgrounds
  • Add people missing from groups portraits
  • Replacing missing areas in the photographs
  • Removing persons and unwanted objects
  • Adding/removing background
  • Create ads for products with multiple images

Photo Composites Gallery


The photos below make up the final photo composite. By using many images a composite is create that would normally not be possible with only 1 flash light.  Also by visualizing before the shoot what needs to be done to create the photo composite the desired effect can easily be achieved.