“Our goal with digital retouching is to keep the natural look of the model or subject being photographed.”

The style of retouch and airbrushing is subtle but effective, achieving the natural look that so many editors/photographers seek, but many tend to over-do, making their images look plastic and doll-like.

As a general practice, we add contrast according to the amount each image needs, giving it a bit more life and aesthetic quality during airbrushing.

Contact us for a quote as we have prices for single images or offers on multiple images.

When we perform a retouch the following are important:

  • Eye whitening, brighten and sharpen
  • Teeth whitening and cleaning
  • Blemishes, spots, acne and smoothing
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Background Brightening and shadow/spot removal

Over contrast and colour correction. Always keeping with the natural look of the subject.

Photo retouch examples

  • Removing logos and tattoos
  • Cleaning and cloning
  • Removing persons and unwanted objects
  • Adding/removing background
  • Black and white colourisation
  • Image manipulation
  • Jewellery retouching
  • Airbrushing to remove imperfections

Beauty & Fashion

  • Removing moles, acne and scratches from skin
  • Smoothing skin without damaging skin texture
  • Removing fly away hairs
  • Teeth fixing and whitening
  • Removing dark circle under eye
  • Removing red eye and glass glares