Digital Image Editing

Photo Retouching

Lines, Wrinkles, spots, blemishes

Photo retouching is one of the many Digital Image Editing, Retouch Artist offers it’s customers. With state of the art techniques to take your images from average to jaw dropping, we are able to offer our customers the assurance that they are in our capable hands. Using Adobe Photoshop as our tool of choice, we are able to create these amazing photo retouches with great accuracy and speed, allowing you to focus on your business, while having the comfort of knowing we are making you look good.

Photo Restoration

Another of our Digital Image Editing is photo restoration. We take your treasured family memories and create a digital copy, which we then repair. Firstly restoring the original colour to the photograph, then applying our retouching techniques to repair any cracks, spills, marks,  and various other damages.

Colour Correction

  • Adjusting skin tone
  • Adjusting contrast colour level and sharpness
  • Correcting white balance

Advantages of our Digital Image Editing

We use Dropbox when having our customers transfer images to us, and from us back to them. The system is super easy and uncomplicated. Once we get the images in, we set to work on the corrections and dropbox it back. There are no additional costs involved for our customers.

Pricing Digital Image Editing

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